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For the past two years, the Miami Heat, and more specifically LeBron James, have been the #1 punching bag in all of sports. No athlete in this 24-hour news cycle and social media generation has been more scrutinized than King James.

For being in the public eye for over ten years and not going on a murderous rampage and/or having a complete mental breakdown, one should commend the Akron native. So athletically gifted he could possibly have been just as successful in the NFL if he so chose. In all honestly, we should be counting our lucky stars that we are alive to watch a player this special, live and in living color. But f**k all that. The Miami Heat are one of the most despised teams in all of sports because of July 8th, 2010. Who knows if there is an expiration date on how long you can be pissed off at a free agent decision, but that hate has aged less like milk and more like wine. People hate the Miami Heat. Moreover, people love to hate the Miami Heat. A great villain in anything is always hard to kill off, but when they are killed off, oh baby it is celebration time.

LeBron James has endured “ring-less King” jokes for what seems like an eternity. However, the King is approximately eight hours (at the earliest) away from silencing scores of critics saying that he can’t come through when it matters most. If the coronation of King James happens tonight in Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder, what’s a hater to do? Never fear my good friends, as a die hard New York Knick fan there is plenty of LeBron slander to go around that has nothing to do with a championship ring. Check it all out below and watch Game 5 of the NBA Finals tonight at 8pm EST on ABC.


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