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Dr. Dre’s Monster Cable/ ‘Beats By Dre’ headphones line have experienced wide stream success. The line teams together Jimmy Iovine of Interscope, Best Buy and Dr. Dre’s emblem.

While out promoting the innovative audio enhancers at New York City’s Union Square Best Buy, Dre  found himself targeted by questions off subject but exactly what everyone was wondering. In particular,an interviewer took it upon himself to ask the million dollar question, “WHEN IS HE RELEASING DETOX?!”

The good doctor answered the question very vaguely saying,

“The minute it’s done and it feels right to me, that’s when it’ll come out. Hopefully in the beginning of the year.”

We’ve all heard that one before. In other words, NEVER. SMH

Just as he thought he would be asked about his latest technological advance, Dre found himself cornered once again after being presented with a question about 50 Cent and Game. When asked his opinion on their consistently brewing beef he responded,

“Everything is good. Been working with both guys, everything is good. Both guys are gonna be on my record. I’m just trying to put it back where it’s supposed to be, all love.”

Getting back to the reason for the event, Dre introduced his latest collaboration with Best Buy, and Interscope.

“What we’re trying to do with Beats is make sure everybody not only gets the best listening sound but the right way to listen to it.”

After watching this footage it’s clear that Dre’s focused on getting money. Sorry for everyone waiting patiently on Detox, looks like you’ll have to be content with watching him in soda commercials and promoting headphones.  For now at least…..