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The economy is not in a good place. A job report released Friday (July 6) revealed that only 84,000 jobs have been created in the last month, falling short of the expected 100,000. While the number is up from previous months, the lack of steady job creation is a damaging blow to the Obama administration.

President Obama is hopeful about the economy, explaining that the country is moving “in the right direction.” The commander in chief addressed the nation Friday hoping to restore any lost faith. “We learned this morning that our businesses have created 84,000 new jobs last month,” he said citing the influx of 500,000 new manufacturing jobs over the last couple of years. “That’s a step in the right direction, but we can’t be satisfied because our goal was never to just keep on working to get back to where we were back in 2007. I want to get back to a time when middle-class families and those working to get to the middle class have some basic security. That’s our goal.”

As expected, Mitt Romney, has used the new figures as a way to reposition himself as the best choice in his bid for president.  “There is a lot of misery in America today, and these numbers understate what people are feeling and the amount of pain which is occurring in middle-class America,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be this way. America can do better and this kick in the gut has got to end.”

Last month Romney beat Obama in fundraising, bringing in upwards of $100 million, a record for the 2012 election.

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