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This isn’t the Jay Electronica news that Hip-Hop fans have been waiting for. The UK’s Daily Mail has been closely documenting New Orleans rapper’s relationship with heiress Kate Rothschild and the drama it has caused. As previously reported, Jay Elec was at the center of the divorce of multimillionaire ex-husband Ben Goldsmith.

The former couple took to Twitter to air their grievances, with Rothschild defending herself. These tweets went down in late June, but the Mail rehashed the issue after spotting Jay and Rothschild once again leaving the “Exhibit C” rapper’s Chelsea (UK) crib.

The incident led to a torrent of angry posts on Twitter from the couple, with Mr Goldsmith branding his wife ‘appalling’ over her alleged affair.

In response, Mrs Goldsmith, who was left £18million after the suicide of her banker father Amschel Rothschild, posted 14 extraordinary messages defending her behaviour.

In them, the mother of three claimed her ‘life had been saved’ by the rapper, whom she manages through her label Roundtable Records, and appeared to accuse her husband of cheating on her.

After the very public break up played out in front of millions online, Kate and Ben Goldsmith finally called a truce on their war of words on Twitter.

But at the end of last month Jay Electronica took to Twitter to finally tell the world just what he thought about the man whose wife he stole.

Jay Electronica’s Twitter account now only contains a grand total of two posts. Strange considering the Roc Nation artist was once a prolific tweeter. But you can’t wipe tweets from the Internets that easily, and the Mail recounts tweets he sent Goldsmith basically telling him chill on the slander (see image below) or get dealt with.

Hip-Hop conspiracy theorist are eating this up since part of this love triangle involves Jay Electronica sleeping with a Rothschild, a ridiculously rich banking family long linked to the Illuminati. As for the release of Jay’s debut Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn)? Your guess is as good as ours.

Check out photos of Jay and Kate, and one with Goldsmith, in the gallery.


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