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Back in May, Young Buck revealed that he would be heading back to jail for a couple of months. Unfortunately, he was off by about  16 months. On Friday (July 13th), Young Buck was sentenced to three years in prison for weapons charges. 

Fortunately, the judged ruled that the sentences for the two counts against Buck, born David Darnell Brown, for possession of a weapon despite being a convicted felon was found guilty are to run concurrently, so the Nashville rapper will only have to serve a total of 18th months, reports MSNBC.

“With the judge not considering my history to subtract some time, I’m just thankful for what time I do have,” said the former G-Unit rapper.

Buck is also in the middle of a bankruptcy case, he was evicted from his Nashville, TN home, a number of his possessions, including the trademark of the “Young Buck” name, are up for auction. Check out all the goods being auctioned off—including a Bentley watch, 50 Cent plaques and recording equipment—by Uncle Sam in the gallery, as well as a video of a local news report featuring Buck below.

There will be an open house to 460 Metroplex Drive, Suite 205, Nashville, TN 37211 to check out the available items on July 25th from 12:00pm – 5:00pm and July 26th from 8:00am – 10:00pm. It goes down July 26th at 10am.




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Photo: MSNBC

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