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While some have forgiven Chris Brown for his actions towards Rihanna and decided to embrace him again, others haven’t been so easy to let the past go.

Producer Timbaland, who was originally slated to have Brown featured on his upcoming release Shock Value II, has now removed the singer completely from his album.

Initially the singer was set to provide his vocals to a song called “The One I Love”.

Rapper D.O.E., who is also featured on the song, stated that the song had to undergo many title changes as they didn’t seem to be appropriate with the events that had taken place with Brown and Rihanna.  The first title for the track was “Maniac”, but obvious circumstances wouldn’t allow that to fly.

It has been reported that another reason for being exiled from the album is due to the fact that the singer himself was coming up with inappropriate titles.  Suggesting things such as “I Like It When You Cry.” “Love Is A Knockout Punch,” and “Now I’m Really Gonna Kill You” must not have been the type of shock that Tim was looking for, according to a source in his production team.

“We would have kept Chris on the album if he didn’t insist on suggesting inappropriate song titles every three minutes.  And I have no idea why he brought brass knuckles to the studio.  That stuff is totally unacceptable.”

As he continues to prep for his December 4 release date, Tim has already starting providing visuals to his second helping.  A music video was recently released for the single “Morning After Dark” featuring SoShy and is already getting to release the music video to “Say Something” with Drake.

The third single is scheduled to be “Carry Out” featuring Justin Timberlake.  It should hit U.S. radio on December 1.

Whether the statements are strictly hot air or hold some truth, the young singer has a long road to climb before he can get back in everyone’s good graces once again.