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Nas recently sat down for an informative and extensive interview with the UK’s Benji B. During their conversation, the Queensbridge rapper spoke about a wide range of topics including the creation of specific records from his new, critically acclaimed and #1 selling Life Is Good album, his love of Jazz music and his relationship with Amy Winehouse. But the most interesting revelation was that the “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” rapper’s Untitled album was originally supposed to be a collaborative project with the Jay Electronica.

The enigmatic Roc Nation rapper produced the opening track, “Queens Get The Money” on Nas’ provocatively titled 2008 album.  “I wanted to get him to do the entire Untitled album, the N-word album,” revealed Nas. “He had ideas, he was pulling records from J Dilla, he was pulling records. He was there with me while I was working on it. He did the first record on there. It would have been so ahead of its time because no one at that time… He wasn’t signed, he wasn’t out there like that. So it would have been great right now to go back and say, ‘Yo,  this dude produced my whole album years ago.’ That would have been cool. He’s ahead of his time like that.”

Benji B then did his proper due diligence and noted that a joint Jay Elec and Nas album could still happen.

“Now everyone knows who he is now and some of the mystique would be gone if he did that,” answered Nas. “But who knows how it would come out. Probably would be crazy still.”

Can you imagine? Remember when Jay Elec allegedly had that EP project in the works with Lil B? Yeah, we’ll go out on the limb and say the prospect of a Jay Electronica and Nas project would be more celebrated on these Hip-Hop Internets. But considering we still have yet to get Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn), Nas may have been better off keeping it moving.

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