Ewing Athletics 33 Hi (Kriss Kross)

After years endorsing tennies for adidas, New York Knicks center Patrick Ewing started his own sneaker company Ewing Athletics in 1989. The shoe became so popular in the hood some people (including the person who wrote this article who never owned a pair, dang you mom!) didn’t even know they weren’t Nikes until years later. One thing that helped the confusion (and had teenagers begging for the Jamaican ball player’s shoe) was the fact that the sneaker was being worn by people with fame, most notably teen rap group, Kriss Kross. Besides regularly rocking the vintage sneaks, Daddy Mac named dropped the shoes on their hit single, “I Missed The Bus,” and the duo famously rocked the “33 Hi” navy blue and white colorways on the cover of their debut album Totally Crossed Out. The free advertisement no doubt helped sales among the young demographic.

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