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Soulja Boy is back in the headlines but this time it is for his maturity. Draco has issued an apology to J. Cole, after cursing him out.

XXL Magazine is reporting that the Atlanta, Georgia native is showing contrition after going after Jermaine. On Monday, November 6 Big Draco went on a tirade against the “John P’s Caddy” MC after he admitted he was a Soulja Boy hater during the interview with Lil Yachty on the A Safe Place Podcast. “Around the time Soulja Boy came out, I don’t know how this happened, but I had a realization within myself ’cause I’m hearing that s**t and I’m like, ‘Man, this s**t, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em,” J. Cole said.

He went on to further detail the moment in time. “Sounds crazy to say now ’cause it’s such a classic to me. But at that time I had resistance. Similar to when you came out and your class came out, I had resistance. ‘Nah, that’s not the thing that I love. Like what? Y’all f**king with this?’ I was one of them.” Cole then admitted he had hate in his heart at the time. “But there was a part of me that had a realization. I was proud of myself for this realization. So, I was like, ‘Bruh, you a hater.’ Like, ‘Yo, you are literally hating. You know you like this s**t.'”

Needless to say Soulja Boy was not too pleased when this got on his radar and disparaged The Off-Season talent on X, formerly known as Twitter. “P***y n***a I wrote and produced a #1 record at 17 in 2006 drake just gave you your first #1 this year sit the f**k down n***a u not all that @JColeNC u don’t got a #1 solo record I do.” he wrote. Soulja continued on with the slander saying “You a b***h @JColeNC f**k you and ya fans,” Soulja Boy wrote on X. “N***az will slap the s**t out you, f**k your opinion dirty stank dreads having a** b***h.”

Well it seems Nicki Minaj out of all people talked some sense into the S.O.D. Money Gang CEO. “Nicki just told me I took what he said wrong,” he posted on X. “And that he was showing love. So I’m gonna let it go. My bad y’all I really thought dude was hating on me.” He continued “My bad dawg. @JColeNC sorry for the confusion. keep doing your s**t we from two different worlds. I stand on what I stand on, it’s hard coming from where I did man. I dealt with a lot of hate my whole career so it was just messed to think it would come from you.”

J. Cole has yet to acknowledge the situation. You can see Soulja’s social media posts below.