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No matter how much you complain about how they make its participants look like fools or make for a poor reflection of society as a whole, reality shows make bank and ratings juggernauts. See: Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, for one example. Its seems that the more outlandish the premise, the better it the series do. Think about it. If someone went to VH1, or any cable network, ten years ago with an idea about documenting a bunch of loosely affiliated with Hip-Hop acts and their significant others act a fool; a blank stare and a point at the door would have followed.

But in 2012, the crazier the better. Our peeps at the Urban Daily even came up with five pitches for reality shows that are so ratchet, they will probably get greenlit. Here is one example:

“N*ggaz & Paris”

And given the sad state of the Jackson Family, Latoya won’t be the only one of the Jackson clan to try and cash in with a reality show. If Paris has even an iota of her late father’s cutthroat business acumen, expect cameras to be following her around as prepares for her first year of high school under the co-parentage of TJ and Katherine Jackson. You are now watching the throne.

See the rest of the ludicrous, but highly possible, reality show pitches over at The Urban Daily.


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