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With a “group” compilation album, as well as, independent releases from Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, the Wu Tang Clan was all over the music scene for 2009.

Things continue to roll on for the three rappers, fortunately, as they have joined forces to bring Hip Hop The Wu-Massacre which was pushed from a December release to a release on February 9, 2010.

Recently Allah Mathematics dropped a leak in the form of “Meth Vs. Chef pt. 2” to give a taste of what’s to be expected with the upcoming release.  Along with the music, 3 trailers were released to further build anticipation for what is about to come.

Still promoting Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…pt. 2 Raekwon was able to catch up with 57th Ave to speak on the eminent pushback of the album, but gave assurance that it was meant to play out that way.

“We wanted that pushed back, I fought for that because I felt that it wasn’t enough time, the chemistry is still boiling.  When you think about us putting something together, it’s gotta be stupid so my brothers are respecting my feelings on it, I’m respecting their feelings on it, we all saying the same Shyte so.  At the end of the day, when ya’ll get the album, enjoy it and get ready for some other Shyte.”

The rapper also revealed news of a rumored Wu Tang album that is still set to emerge in the form of Shaolin Vs. Wu Tang.

Shaolin Vs. Wu Tang album coming soon.  Just think of the title and think Shaolin Vs. Wu.   It’s gonna be ill.”

The rapper also spoke on the rumored beef and turmoil that has brewed between the group and cleared the air by saying that it’s what family does.

“When you look at us, you look at that typical gang crew.  We a cult within ourselves.  Just because it’s 10 n*ggas here, it’s really 100.  We look at ourselves as a force of 100.  We gon go through that because that’s what brothers do; they gon argue, they gon fuss, fight , whatever.  But at the end of the day, it ain’t enough to be caught up with emotions because emotions is for Beyotches.”

Above all else, it will always be love within the ranks of Wu Tang.

“We know we always there for each other.  We don’t always gotta agree.  Men don’t always agree.  But it’s a certain kind of brotherhood.  It’s like being in a penitentiary, there’s a n*gga that you love that you can’t stand sometimes, but you’ll never let nothing happen to.  That’s the kind of relationship we got.  That real love/hate relationship.”

Reflecting on his latest project, the Chef added that he feels that his first outing could have been a lot stronger than what has been projected so far, but he will accept the way things are.

“I think I coulda done a little bit more stronger, but dealing with this game.  I look at it like this: Cuban Linx had a lot of good qualities.  There’s a lot of bad qualities too because even though I allowed myself to go independent, I feel like I took step back from being able to do great numbers that it could have did from the anticipation.  A lot of places wasn’t havin it the way I wanted them to have it.”

The legacy of the Wu continues to build even as the years rapidly come and go.  No matter what the situation may be within the confines of the Shaolin Temple, it can always be assured that the members will deliver music of epic proportions.

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