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When you say something to a reporter, unless you specifically say this is “off the record,” expect it to be made public. Bangladesh was clearly unaware of this concept. Yesterday, news broke of the “A Milli” producer making disparaging comments about Swizz Beatz, saying Alicia Keys’ hubby just was not “relevant” anymore. However, Bangladesh is now claiming that his comments were simply taken out of context and that Swizz is indeed relevant.

While plenty of people did agree with Bang’s initial sentiments, many came to Swizz’s defense. A discography that is swollen with past hits (NORE’s “Banned From TV,” DMX’s “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem,” Jay-Z’s “Money, Cash, Hoes”) as well as recent work (Jay-Z “On To The Next One,” Drake “Fancy,” Nas “Summer On Smash”) was the usual evidence that Swizz is very relevant. Then Bangladesh started copping pleas while answering some of Swizz’s defenders on Twitter. When one @’d him with “u need to chill out n that Swizzy talk my G,” Bang responded in kind with, “@dflowonline swizzy wasn’t relevant in my interview my G. The lady who wrote that is trying to make a name for herself.”

Bangladesh eventually tweeted Swizz Beatz directly with a non-apology: “@THEREALSWIZZZ this isn’t real bro interview wasn’t even about u. They slick reversed the focus. Inspiration is who you are so ur relevant.”

So it was all the writer’s spin? Okay.

At the time of this post, Swizz has yet to respond, at least publicly. A tweet he dropped yesterday appeared to be aimed squarely at Bangladesh, though. “Don’t use Hate as a cure 4 your insecurities & ignorance !!!!!!!!!!! Use Positive energy and learn about who you are as a person!”

We reach out to XXL, where the Bangladesh interview was originally published, for comment but have not yet received a response.

UPDATE: “XXL listened again to the recording of the interview with Bangladesh and we stand by the quotes that were printed in the article.”


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Photo: Bangladesh