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[Cue Hip-Hop infused Olympic theme music] The 2012 Summer Olympics are upon us and strangely the usually conservative Games have had a number of Hip-Hop relatable moments. Like Ryan Lochte attempting to rock a diamond encrusted grill on the podium, Serena Williams busting a crip-walk after her crushing win over Sharapova and Michael Phelps saluting Jeezy and Weezy after his gold medal win.

That got us to thinking. What would an Olympic games made up totally of rappers and Hip-Hop heads be like? So we decided to take it a step further and brainstorm our own outline of how the first annual Hip-Hop Olympics would go down.

Held in Cedar Park in the Bronx (the birthplace of Hip-Hop), with representative rappers from all 50 states, here are 10 sporting events that would take place at the inaugural 2012 Hip-Hop Olympics.

Let the games begin…



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