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“In order to be the man, you have to beat the man” are more than famous words, coined by none other than legendary grappler Ric Flair. The words are indicative of the mantra that a community banker has used to  initiate change in one of America’s most celebrated communities by ushering in a new era of New York politics.

For years, Charles “Charlie” Rangel has occupied the highest echelon of New York politics, ascending to his current position as the head of Congress’ Ways and Means Committee but all of that might change if political newcomer Vince Morgan has his way.

Once serving as Rangel’s campaign manager, the upstart political hopeful stepped into a David-esque position when he announced that he would challenge his former boss in the “dean of Harlem politics” for a seat that the senior legislator has held for four decades.

“I think the community is ready to look beyond the current congressperson, Charles Rangel, to the future .  The question has always been what happens after Charles Rangel?,” said Morgan in his candidacy announcement. It’s about time some new folk come into the mix to be a part of the leadership in upper Manhattan.”

Now might be the best time for Morgan to forge his own political path by pulling off what would be an enormous victory over his seasoned opponent in Rangel, who is currently fighting a seemingly more pressing battle with an ongoing ethics investigation that will reveal whether the elder statesman neglected to adequately report his income taxes.

Officials from Rangel’s campaign camp have called Morgan’s opposition a “serious” threat.

I say, no one can be on top forever, and change is bound to come. Whether one wants it or not. A changing of New York’s political guard should be good, and from what I see and hear, is long deserved.

Good bye Mr. Rangel. . .