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If you are a hip, savvy, New York “gangsta,” you are warned, the NYPD is watching you.

As current gang trends make their way to the World Wide Web, law enforcement is moving right along with them, with visible proof seen in the latest move by the infamous men and women of New York’s police departments.

A practice innovated by the beleaguered law enforcement  has members of the NYPD combing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in an effort to quell future gang activity.

Officials within the city are seeing a rise in technology based plots that are being dolled out in new age “tech talk” at a limit of 140 characters or less.

Members of the NYPD are already monitoring a brewing war between Jeff Mob and a rival group, all starting with one tweet from an innocent young lady.

“I knoe bit**es from oyg that would dead mob yah s–t in harlem,” one girl wrote in a series of tweets aimed at drawing out a rival for a fight.

There are currently no statistics to show how successful the tactic has been so far.