2. “I was fitted to wear that fitted and wear that living/For the livid, you hear that penning? Well yeah, that did it” — Skyzoo, ‘Jansport Strings’ lyrics
This track is a banger of an autobiography that deals with Skyzoo’s memories of early rap music video shows. For the kids in the audience, they actually used to play music videos on television back in the day, crazy as it seems. These lines show the artist meditating on his right to wear the metaphoric “crown” of the rap game (that’s the “fitted” [hat] he’s speaking of). But how ‘zoo talks about it is incredible. The “fitted” homophone, the playful near-homophone of “livid” and “living”, and the dense string of rhymes (“fitted”/”living”/”livid”/”penning”/”did it”) all fit together to take this rhyme almost to the top of our list.

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