Company Flow

If Rawkus partially stood for going against the grain, no act exuded the “we don’t give a f-ck” attitude like Company Flow. Comprised of MC/producer El-P and DJ/producer Mr. Len, and MC/Producer Big Juss, the crew made waves with their 1997 classic debut Funcrusher Plus. After two years of pushing the album and touring, Big Juss decided to move on as a solo act, which didn’t stop El-Producto and Mr. Len from releasing the instrumental album Little Johnny from the Hospitul. Soon after, the group severed all ties with Rawkus, who they accused of neglecting them as artists and some financial funny business, and completely disassembled. In 2012, Company Flow as a group are still on ice, but frontman El-P is receiving much praise for his amazing solo album Cancer 4 Cure and his production on Killer Mike’s equally amazing R.A.P. Music.


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