Skillz (a.k.a. Mad Skillz)

The past few days, there’s one MC many of your favorite rappers hoped wouldn’t chime in on the recent ghostwriter discussions. Skillz, the man who’s allegedly penned a slew Hip-Hop chart toppers, was another late edition to the Rawkus family. With his subliminal track “Ghostwriter” putting fear in the hearts of industry tyrants, Skillz dropped his second LP, I Ain’t Mad No More, which to his dismay never released stateside. Skillz bounced back in 2002 with the first of many well known year end “Rap-Up” songs detailing the events of the prior 12 months, which gave his career a second wind. Not including his ghostwriting, of course. Today Skillz has his hands in many hats, currently focusing his writing talents on his last studio album, Thoughts Become Things, and producing short films.

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