Yasiin Bey (b.k.a. Mos Def)

Mos Def is easily the most familiar face from the days of Rawkus Records, which can be attributed to an array of reasons. Despite what Drake says, Mos Def’s bread and butter was blending his top notch emceeing with smooth crooning. It was only logical for Rawkus to scoop up such a special talent. The Black Dante would go on to have great success with Rawkus, where he created the game changing Black Star album and numerous bar pushing solo efforts, namely Black On Both Sides. To this day, people still sing “Umi Says” with the utmost passion.

Mos Def also showed undying loyalty to Rawkus, choosing not to leave until his hand was forced by the label’s collapse in 2004. Now choosing to go by Yasiin Bey, the Brooklyn MC continues to display his lyrical prowess, word to G.O.O.D. Music and The Ecstatic. Outside of Hip-Hop, Bey has used his background in the arts to ascend to new plateaus, finding great success in Hollywood. At this point, to say anymore about the man would be down right gloating.

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