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Senate nominee Todd Akin is still feeling the heat for outlining his theory of  “legitimate rape,” which he claimed does not result in pregnancy. Akin made the comments during a television interview over the weekend, and has seen the Republican party pretty much turn against him.

He has tried his hardest to repent for his words, but the damage may already be done, as there have been calls for his resignation. In an attempt to clear up his views, Akin released a new video apologizing and explaining his position on rape, and other sexual assault. 

The ad, titled Forgiveness, finds Akin doing his best to repent for his actions. “Rape is an evil act, I used the wrong words, in the wrong way, and for that I apologize,” he said in the video.”As the father of two daughter’s I want tough justice for predators.” Akin also said that he has a “tough heart” for victims of sexual abuse.

Among those lashing out at the 65-year-old was President Obama, who called his original statement “offensive,” noting that there is no such thing as “legitimate” rape. “Rape is rape and the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we’re talking about doesn’t make sense to the American people and it certainly doesn’t make sense to me.”  said the president.

Despite the backlash, Akin has no plans of ending his campaign for a spot in the Missouri senate against candidate, Claire McCaskill, but has until 5 p.m today to do so without a court order.



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