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Today (September 2nd), Griselda Blanco, aka The Godmother of Coc@ine, was murdered in Medellin, Colombia. According to reports, Blanco was shot down by assassins on motorcycles in a drive by shooting. Blanco came to prominence as a major coke trafficker with a penchant for extreme violence in the 70’s and 80’s in Miami and New York City. Also knows as La Madrina (Spanish for Godmother) and the Black Widow, the 69-year-old spent almost 20 years behind bars in the United States on drug trafficking and murder charges, the latter of which included the death of a two year-old boy.

The Miami Herald reports that Colombian newspapers say Blanco stepped out of a butcher shop in Medellin only to be met with a hail of bullets. 

“It’s surprising to all of us that she had not been killed sooner because she made a lot of enemies,” former Miami homicide detective Nelson Andreu, who investigated her, said late Monday. “When you kill so many and hurt so many people like she did, it’s only a matter of time before they find you and try to even the score.”

Blanco was arrested in 1985 in a cocaine trafficking case in New York, and she was released in 1998 to Florida authorities. She pleaded no contest in October 1998 to three counts of second-degree murder.

Police estimated she was involved in at least 40 homicides between Miami and New York. She is credited with importing to Miami the concept of the “motorcycle assassin” — killers on bikes who sprayed their victims with machine-gun bullets.

Blanco’s exploits were made even more popular in the Hip-Hop world after she was featured prominently in the Coc@ine Cowboys documentary in 2006 and Coc@ine Cowboys II: Hustlin’ with the Godmother a couple of years later. She was arrested in 1985 in California by DEA agents and only three murders were ever pinned on her although she was thought to have ordered as many as 250 killings. However, the case against her fell apart and she was released in 2004 and deported back to Colombia.

Karma remains undefeated.


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