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I will be the first to say that I am in no way, shape, or form a fan or supporter of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Having said that, to label PETA as a terrorist organization is a bit over the top, even with all of their over the top antics and silly ideologies considered, but that is exactly what the government feels they are.

PETA has officially been placed on a terrorist watch security form by none other than the USDA, joining a list occupied by distinguished revolutionary groups such as the Earth Liberation Front (EFL), Animal Liberation Front (AFL), as well as, formal terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

A security document labeling that organization as a “domestic special interest group” was created by the USDA and was given to animal experimentation facilities, as well as, animal entertainment shows and venues around the nation.

Being on the list guarantees that members of the fringe animal rights group are eligible to receive full legal penalties under the American judicial system, for many of their extreme actions and public displays as terrorists, allowing for different punishments of moderate to extreme severity to be administered.

Four PETA members are currently facing terrorism charges after protesting at several private residences in the Sacramento area, creating and distributing fliers with names and addresses of people that will not yield to their agenda.

The organization is also involved in a war with the University of Georgia over the future of the school’s beloved mascot, Uga. PETA wants UGA to abandon the use of living, breathing bulldogs in favor of an animatronics replacement.

Not likely. . .