Leaking nude photos or a sex tape

Although this ploy has been used for several years, it still holds up steady on the list. Before her s-x tape, Kim Kardashian was a struggling, albeit very beautiful, model first seeking acceptance in the urban world before she realized that there was money to be made elsewhere. Leaking a sex tape or nude photos, then pretending to be extremely hurt and embarrassed by the release will help the public see all facets of your personality—and your body. The move will make editors  interested in booking you for photo shoots,  and give other women a standard to physically aspire to emulate.

Working your way through the debacle is the true test of strength. In order to carry out the plan, you must admit to being flawed, assure that the pictures were taken, or the video was made, while in a committed relationship. This will humanize, and turn you into a victim at the same time. It will also open the door for celebrity endorsements, as it will strengthen your fan base, if done so correctly.


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