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Tumblr pages have always been a hub for creativity and over sharing. Like most social media networks, they also really love rappers. If you have a favorite rapper, then there is a 98% chance that they have a “f**k yeah (insert rapper name here)-dot-tumblr-dot com” page somewhere (seriously, there is a f**k yeah Kreayshawn page).

The best thing about rapper’s Tumblr pages are the amount of hilariously creative fans that they have. If your favorite rapper has a tendency for any one particular thing, there is a good chance that there is a Tumblr page dedicated to it. If they’ve been caught in candid shots, all it takes is a few well places captions to make a good picture great. Hip-Hop Wired takes a look at such pages that make Tumblr a great place to get a laugh. Hit the jump to check out our ten favorite rapper-inspired pages. 


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