Kendrick Lamar, Produced By Hit-Boy

Hit-Boy continues his incredible run of crafting smashed and landing on any anticipated record of 2012. K.Dot insisted on playing this record right after the highly touted record with Gaga, which is high praise. This is one of those records that speaks to Kendrick’s speech on the Ab-Soul outro on Section. 80, about speaking about money, hoes, clothes, God and history all in the same sentence.

This has that undeniable Hit-Boy bounce that is starting to be his calling card, while Kendrick weaves in religious references and unforgiving s**t talk in between each bar. “”Dear Lord, I wish my d**k could be as long as the Earth, so I can f**k the world for 72 hours,” Kendrick raps.

This is one of those records that will absolutely land Kendrick in the clubs.

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