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Mitt Romney’s words took a break from the headlines late Wednesday (Sept. 19) just as his skin color took center stage. Romney was accused of darkening his skin to appeal to Latino voters, during an appearance on Univision.

As the conspiracy theories  (which we highlighted) swirled through the news cypher, Romney kept quiet on the whole thing, but luckily his make-up artist is clearing things up.

According to Lazz Rodriquez, the 65-year-old’s skin was just extra crisp that day. “When he walked in, I remembering thinking ‘Wow this is tanner than I thought he was,’ but I think he’s just been outside a lot lately for his campaign. It was definitely a real tan.”

Having worked with tons of politicians and celebrities alike, Rodriguez notes Romney as being browner than anticipated. “Romney was a lot darker than I expected,” he said.

Over the last week, Romney has been in sunny climates including Southern California and Florida, and may have just gone overboard with the awkward make-up application.

Aside from the controversy behind his skin color, the presidential hopeful’s campaign has sustained a few damaging blows this week. Kicking things off with the release of a video where he called 47 percent of citizens who will vote for President Obama “dependent on government,” he was also recorded “joking” that he’d win the election if he wasn’t White.

The inquiry into his tax records also hit another snag as it was revealed that he paid only 14.1 percent in taxes on income above $10 million.

To his credit, Romney has done his best to man the waters of the growing political nightmare taking to Twitter to outline his plans for running the country.

Check out what he had to say below.



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