Speaking of upcoming music, the “Straight Up” rapper is gearing audiences for his latest album-quality mixtape Super Future, dropping next month ahead of a proper follow up to his debut album, Pluto. Future’s intention with Super Future is to give fans an inside look to his creative process. Calling it “raw footage,” the mixtape is intended to be muddied and unfiltered work.

After penning the YC’s smash hit “Racks” and writing hooks for Kanye West, Pusha T, Ludacris and others, Future likes the idea of being an artist but he admitted that some times he’d rather be back in the shadows. “Some days I just feel like I wanna be in the background and just write, then on other days you wanna be the spokesperson for your music,” said Future.

Future Hendrix is the title of his sophomore effort coming in 2013 and he explained briefly what the reason was for the title. “It’s more like me just being different. I feel like on this album, I’m gonna be my most different,” said Future. “[I will] be more melodic throughout the whole album, more passion.”

Future’s cousin, Dungeon Family producer Rico Wade, has been behind the rising star’s career from the onset, and simply advised his family member to “never change up, keep doing what you’re doing.”

It appears the advice is certainly paying off for Future.

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