HipHopWired: MTV did something on Kanye West at his house a few years back, and he drew his interpretation of what a beat looks like. Do you visually see music that way?

Twilite Tone: Yeah, I see music in motion pictures. I see it in like dream form, it’s not just an actual color, I really see a thousand words really moving. I guess you can multiply that by however many, but I see film, you know what I’m saying? That’s why I’m so interested in scoring, or even doing movies based upon music. Not to sound like Lawnmower Man or some sh-t  [like] that. I can see how someone like Stevie Wonder is so visual without having sight, and I just would wonder what things look like in his mind. I wonder could you even stand that as a person, what he sees in his mind? A lot of people are like “What’s your favorite song?” or “Who is your favorite rapper?” like naw, dude “I cry over a chord,” like it could be a chord and it effects me, minus [the] vocal. So I’ll leave it at that.

HipHopWired: Would you say that you and Kanye work so well together because you both look at music on a higher level of understanding?

Twilite Tone: That and just being big a– kids! Like that’s the thing. [For example], our conversation in Utah, I think it was not just music, it was just being authentic and just being present. No ego involved. For me, I didn’t hold anything back in the sharing department. If he takes it and uses it, and I don’t get any credit, or whatever, [it’s fine, because] that wasn’t my purpose. My purpose was to serve, and it could have been anyone, but it just so happened to be Mr. Kanye West. Part of it is kismet, and the other part is design. So to answer your question, I’m gonna use a complete sentence: Kanye and I relate to one and other, I would gather, by allowing ourselves to be these big kids, just being a vessel for creativity.

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