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Anthony “Twilite Tone” Khan is an alien; equal parts eccentric, unassuming, prophetic, and speaking a music language far outside of the sonic stratosphere. He could boast about the credits on his resume (which most notably includes Common and Kanye West), but he’d rather not, because regardless of whom he’s creating for, the quality never falters.

The Chicago native is hailed in the Hip-Hop world, praise of which he may be shy to accept but no less deserving of. Responsible for Common’s first three albums, and now working as his creative director, Tone has clocked more than two dozen years in the music industry, with no signs of coming to a professional halt. On the contrary he’s looking to go in another direction, aspiring to start scoring films, in addition to his various other projects.

With music for Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Music team in the works, plus Common’s forthcoming 10th release, Hip-Hop Wired caught up with Tone, just before he learned which of his submitted music will be featured on West’s new album. We spoke with the music producer about connecting with Yeezy, the future, and why he’s doesn’t believe in having a favorite rapper.


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