HipHopWired: We hear Common’s album will be out in January, what are you doing for that album?

Twilite Tone: I just meet with Rashid. What I do for Rashid is I’m his musical director, and I just pull records at time on stage for him. I’ve been an consultant with him throughout his years in the music business. We’re in the works of doing things, nothing official. Whether I do production or not, I’m just gonna be an influence or inspiration for him.  Who he is as an artist, is heavily influential. I would want for that to be the premise of the album, him just letting people know who he is, and to also allow himself to be coachable.  We had conversations and we talked, and he’s actually working on a mixtape now, and I sent him some stuff for that. Stuff is coming into fruition.

HipHopWired: Why did you stop going by YNot?

Twilite Tone: You know that’s funny, why you pulling that out of the bag! You’re really trying to do your homework. Ok so, the thing is I haven’t stopped going by YNot, it actually has ascended to “YNot the best?” But I don’t know what capacity I am going to utilize that, whether that should be my artist name or whether it should be kind of something I say, because if you see it as a phrase or even as [an] affirmation, it’s a great one. YNot the best? So it’s a question and an answer. YNot is just Tony backwards, how we came up with that, is that one day early, early, early on we were working on the first album with Common. I said to No I.D., who is Dion [but] went by Immenslope, I looked at his name and flipped it backwards, and I was like “Dude [you] should be No I.D.” and he was like “Well you should be YNot!” From that day on we were No I.D. and YNot.

HipHopWired: Is your transition into movies already in the works, or something that you just see in the future?

Twilite Tone: Both. I have people giving me treatments and my management will be delving into it. I’m sure in the very near future it will be coming into fruition. I’m gonna be honest with you though, I’m just taking everything a step at a time and appreciating every step. I try not to look, because I don’t believe in tomorrow. It doesn’t exist. Yesterday is gone, so I just deal with the now. So I’m just focusing on what today brings, but yeah that’s in the works.

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