HipHopWired: How do you maintain that child-like exuberance in this industry, or was there never any other alternative?

Twilite Tone: There’s always an alternative, you just have to make the choice to be yourself. I remember getting into an argument with someone [about] slavery. Like “Yo it was a choice.” You could’ve died or you could’ve [been a slave], but It was a choice. It’s always a choice, but how to maintain it through this industry, first of all I don’t own a TV, I don’t listen to radio. I have strong enough foundation to allow myself to stay grounded. Whoever I’m around, I’m gonna be Tone. I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do the way I’m gonna do it, and either you’re gonna get it or your not, but I’m not going to dumb it down.

HipHopWired: Have you been commissioned to Hawaii to create with Kanye on his solo next project?

Twilite Tone: We’ve been doing a lot to be honest with you. Without getting into specifics, there’s a huge folder with all our submissions, and today I think we find out what they will be going to. I know we’ll find out what we will be working on beyond that. A lot of us have submitted whole compositions —aka, beats— and those beats can either stay the same or be embellished. So you won’t know until it’s mixed or pressed up on a CD. That’s how it works. On my Facebook, people try to give left-handed compliments or be tongue and cheek with their criticism. Someone said , “Oh why does it take so many people to do a beat?” I responded, “It only takes a drummer to make a beat, but it takes a mastermind group to create a masterpiece, and it takes a nation of millions to hold us back! Motherf-cka!” I just need people to understand, we not trying to play 88 and just do something with a loop, cats is really trying to inspire you!

People are funny to me, it’s hilarious that people make a living off criticizing other people’s efforts to serve. With rap and with Black people, we get so wrapped up in ego that we don’t realize that making music is a service action, and I’m the best. Who’s better Twilight Tone, Hit-Boy or Kanye? Who’s the best rapper? Honestly…I wonder do surgeons and doctors be like I’m the best surgeon, can’t nobody f-ck with me? Like naw, you [are] made to be the best, or you’re made to be a great doctor or rapper, but you can give an excellent service to whoever your customer is.

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