“Wildside” ft. A$AP Rocky (Produced By No I.D.)

This is song slows down the pace of the album over some excellent production from No I.D. This is a reflective song where T.I. looks back at how far he’s come from “being a 19-year-old with two felonies” to becoming an international rap (and television) superstar.

“I’m making an attempt to take vintage T.I., you know Trap Muzik, vintage KING s**t. Trying to take that sound and blend it to the new sound of more mainstream, commercially accepted music, a la Paper Trail. That is my intention,” says T.I. “This record is a hybrid.”

A$AP Rocky shines on this record, and honestly, may sound better off as an A$AP record than a T.I. record simply because of the pace of the song. However, it is still a very good record to drive to.

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