“Sorry” ft. André 3000 and Stacy Barthe (Produced by Jazze Pha)

“As we started trying to get a record done together, we would play records and talk, but we never got into a positive mood to get it done,” T.I. says about his long-awaited collaboration with Andre 3000. “So basically six years later, I get a call and he’s ready. Basically, he s**t on me on my own record,” he concludes bluntly.

“You didn’t change your verse?” asks Lil Duval. “Because he…you know…s**tted on you.”

“The reason why I didn’t change it is because it’s lightning in a bottle. The things he’s saying and the relevance it has to all of our lives, there is no way to get over that. It had to be said,” T.I. added.

Boy, was he correct. Andre Three Stacks goes bananas on this record and keeps it completely honest about himself and his self imposed reclusiveness.Andre spits in a memorable verse:

“This the type of s**t that make you call up your momma and say i’m sorry for begging her for all the clothes you couldn’t afford. And this the type of s**t to make you call your rap partner and say ‘i’m sorry, i’m awkward my fault for f**king up the tour.’ I hated all the attention so I ran from it. I’m a grown @$$ man, you know I don’t care about no damn money, but we try so hard just to stars just to dodge from it.”

Powerful stuff here, and explains why you probably won’t get a 3000 solo project for a minute. And yes, T.I., he did s**t on you on your own record. I’m glad you said it first.

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