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Kendrick Lamar has changed his mind. Just this past summer, the Compton rapper was adamant about not voting. Now with the presidential election just days away, the 25 year-old good kid/m.A.A.d. city rapper is urging his generation to hit the polls and make their voices heard.

“Really I think we tend to put [issues] in the hands of higher power or higher politics rather than do for ourselves,” Kendrick told MTV News. “So what made me the most angry is, when something doesn’t go right in that world, you get people out here that want to blame Obama. And I think that that’s corny.”

He continued, “I think that’s one of our biggest failure [sic] as a community, as a generation. Not wanting to go out and do for ourselves and to sit back and wait. And then when it not happen, we point the finger. I think we just really need to take matters into our own hands, uplift our community, put money back in our community and show these kids how there’s something different. Yep.”

The commentary is a far cry from what Lamar said in an interview in late August 2012 when he stated  he essentially didn’t believe in voting. Needless to say the backlash was swift, with many disturbed that such an influential upcoming MC would say such things (there were many that agreed with his sentiments, too). Shortly after the interview hit the Internets he stuck to his guns, but sent messages to his then 500K+ followers on Twitter urging them not to follow in his footsteps, including, “And when you do VOTE. Just make sure it’s 4 the right reasons.”

And who will K. Dot be voting for? “I think I’m going to go ahead [and vote for Barack Obama], just because I cannot see Mitt Romney [winning],” he laughed. “I’ll be on food stamps my whole life! I just don’t feel like he’s got a good heart at all.”

From Kendrick’s recent chat with MTV News it seems like he did his research, or at least listened to 2 Chainz, and now believes that being involved in the electoral process does indeed make a difference. Everyone is entitled to change their opinion. Respect.


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