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President Obama has Jay-Z in his corner, and Mitt Romney has Kid Rock.

The Romney campaign already adopted Rock’s “Born Free” track as its theme song, and now the Detroit native is totally on board with the Republican candidate, but it’s not really a big deal. “I’m just so fed up with political correctness and that people are so angry with each other [over] their view points,” he told MTV News.

“I’m a little right-wing, I’m going to vote for Mitt Romney, but that’s where my politics end, in speaking to people that might listen to my music. If you’re not, it’s okay.”

The decision to vote for Romney came after a conversation with his Michigan brethren. “I’m a supporter of less government, that’s kind of where my beliefs lie,” he said. “But Mitt Romney sat down with me, we had a conversation, and…I had a list of questions I asked him. I said to him ‘You know, the city of Detroit, I guarantee, is going to vote Democrat, but if you’re elected, will you help me help the city of Detroit and the people that it  holds? And he said ‘Absolutely I will, and I was like ‘Al right cool. I’ll vote for you.

Further proving his allegiance to Romney, Rock attended a rally for the 65-year-old in Manchester, New Hampshire Monday (Nov. 5).

In spite of Rock’s endorsement, Romney angered some in the Motor City, by writing an opinion editorial in the New York Times called Let Detroit Go Bankrupt. In his argument, he  explained how a “managed bankruptcy” would benefit the likes of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

Amid backlash brought on by the title, Romney expressed the desire to rewrite the headline as How to Save Detroit.


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Photo: MTV News

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