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Between being a mother to six, and embarking on the Life Is Good/Black Rage tour, Lauryn Hill has no time to respond to the allegation of a one Mr. Wyclef Jean.

Before his ashy man-panties flick became a Twitter fail for the month of October, Jean accused Hill of making him believe that she was carrying his child. Rather than telling the story when it allegedly happened (roughly 13 years ago), Jean waited until the release of his  autobiography, Purpose: An Immigrant Story.

Hill was privy to the fodder surrounding the intimate relationship with her former group member, but she recognizes that responding to him would not be in her best interest. In newly uncovered footage from her tour stop in Dallas, the New Jersey native warned the public of reaching their own conclusions based on media hype. “Be careful how you judge, there is a lot of deception out there,” she said. “A lot of miscommunication out there. A lot of false information out there.”

From there she spoke on Jean, without actually naming him.  “Let me tell you why I don’t chat back. Because I know that my brothers and my sisters are often times pawns in a bigger scheme so when they, under pressure, attack me, I love them still. It’s called the high road. Try taking it sometimes.”

She also said that not being crazy allows her to use the word so freely.

And that’s that.