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Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, residents are still without power. More than 160,000 customers spanning 10 states are powerless, including in New York, where many are fed up with not having electricity.

On Long Island  legal action is being sought against the Long Island Power Authority for their failure to rectify the matter. A spokesperson for LIPA would not comment on the suit filed in the state’s Supreme Court, by New York attorney Kenneth Mollins Tuesday (Nov. 13).

Mollins is seeking unspecified damages, but taking the legal route isn’t the only way that people are airing out their frustrations. A Florida utility worker in Nassau County N.Y. was punched in the face after leaving a restaurant on Long Island, Friday (Nov. 9).

Those uninterested in resorting to violence also have a message for the LIPA.“I’d tell them, ‘Get off your rear and do your job,” said Priscilla Niemiera, a 68-year-old resident in the area. Niemiera alleges to have been hung up on when calling the utility company to find out when the power will be restored.

“I want to see my lights back on,” added Larry Kushel, of Island Park. “I want to see gas coming into the house so I can get some hear. I’m living in the dark.”

Given the strength of the storm, utility companies are having trouble fixing damaged electrical lines, brought on by flooding.  Adding to customer frustration is the antiquated computer system used to keep them notified on the status of their electricity.

The LIPA has restored power in over 1.1 million homes, while 14,000 homes and business are still in the dark—many of which will have light by mid-week. However, roughly 38,000 residents still won’t have power due to flood damage.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to ask for at least $30 billion in government assistance, which will also go to housing as up to 40,000 people in New York have been left homeless.



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