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The city of St. Paul, Minn. settled a police brutality case last week, involving a mother and son.City council members voted to pay out $400,000 to Larelle Steward, and Daniela Hobbs, stemming from their lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court over a brutality incident occurring in 2010.

In accordance with the settlement both victims are not allowed to speak to the media.

Steward, 28, was kicked in the head, zip-tied, and had his nose broken by the police officers back in 2010. Officer Matthew Yunker, and two other cops, bolted through the door of the apartment that Steward shared with his mother, Hobbs, who is disabled.

Officers claimed to have gotten a tip that drugs were being sold out of the unit and entered the residence demanding that everyone get on the floor. Hobbs—a 5-foot-3-inch tall woman— suffers from diabetes and back problems, and therefore had trouble getting to her knees. Police shot her with a “flash-bang” grenade, which exploded and set her on fire. She suffered third-degree burns, and was scorched on her right leg, left thigh, right ankle, and the bottoms of her feet.

When medics arrived at the scene police falsely informed the medic that no other medical treatment was needed.

As is common form in many cases of police brutality, Yunker was assigned to a new district. He now works as a canine officer.

Police never found the cocaine that they were looking for, but uncovered a small amount of weed, and firearms.

Despite paying Hobbs and Steward, the city has denied any wrongdoing. 


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