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Defeating Mitt Romney made President Obama more popular. New polls reveal that Obama’s election win has upped his approval rating.

According to a USA/Gallup poll released Friday (Nov. 16), the president is in good standings with many Americans, as 58 percent of those surveyed gave favorable reviews. The latest USA/Gallup poll offered a three-point jump from Obama’s pre-election standings, and his highest favorable rating since July 2009.

Over on the Rasmussen tracking poll, Obama earned a 54 percent approval rating, also his highest since July 2009.

Winning the election has also changed the public’s perception of the Democratic and Republican parties. 51 percent of those surveyed by USA/Gallup approved of the Democratic party, a six point increase from before the election. 43 percent had a positive view of the Republican party in comparison to the 51 percent that unapproved.

This week, GOP members distanced themselves from statements made by Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney. During a correspondence with donors, the 65-year-old blamed the election loss on Obama being “generous” to minority voters.


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