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Chris Brown could use a friend, unfortunately the only person that he thinks he can relate to has been dead for 15 years.

After deleting his Twitter account and having to deal with more negative headlines rehashing his assault on Rihanna, Brown went on Instagram to unleash his feelings.

Posting a photo of the late great rap legend, Tupac Shakur, Brown wrote “That awkward moment when the only person you can relate to in the world is dead.”

Relating to Pac is far-fetched, but we get where he was going with it. Pac wasn’t always the friendliest and didn’t really care what anybody had to say about his actions.  On the contrary, Brown has apologized for physically attacking his ex nearly four years ago (which was a noble move, by the way), yet he still can’t shake the negative press.

Of course both men share some physical similarities (tattoos, wearing a nose ring, etc.), but in doing a little more research we found 10 reasons why Brown shouldn’t compare his story to Pac.

Read them below.

(Run up on us if you dare, Team Breezy).


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