Hip-Hop Wired: But sometimes the message can get lost because people get hung up on the wrong things.

50 Cent: That’s always the case, and you get people being more excited, they think that it’s an opportunity to do what’s easy, to find someone who has more notoriety than you. Pick a fight and argue until people start to notice you. That’s what they feel is the easy route. Every time people didn’t pay attention to Game particularly, he said “f-ck 50 Cent” loud enough to make them take a look at him. When I’m not actually being active on this front, because I’m diversifying my portfolio and absolutely,it doesn’t seem like the right thing for you to be saying because people don’t care about it at that point. They [rappers] find themselves in a position where they’re forced to have to work to generate interest real interest, just based on actual hit records, as opposed to just saying someone’s name and seeing how many bloggers will repeat what you said. [Laughs.]

Hip-Hop Wired: Do you feel like you’re being used in that sense?

50 Cent: It’s no way to escape it. It’s a fair exchange. In exchange for not really worrying about the light bill, you get these type of [situations]. That’s the swap that you made when you decided that you would be successful and famous.

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