Hip-Hop Wired: To know you is to know that you’re confident, but is there any fear that this album might not be well received?

 50 Cent:I never really think about that. I anticipate success when I do these projects but it always amazes me how fast it can actually happen. When you see the record [“My Life”] shoot to No. 1 in 12 hours, I didn’t anticipate that. I did expect the record to be No.1 but in 12 hours? God damn!

Then the riff-raff comes back around after you get the record right. Everybody’s excited,  they [think] “How can I have an argument with this mother-cka’ so I can be seen?”[Laughs]. Isn’t that what the boy said? One of them  said they gon’ kill me?  Gunplay [said it].  I feel so nervous about that that I can’t even focus, I have to write a new hit?!

Hip-Hop Wired: Gunplay’s on house arrest, just so you’re clear.

50 Cent: Oh sh-t! Now I’m comfortable ‘cause on Dec. 8, I’m gonna’ be out there in  Las Vegas [at] the Manny [Pacquio] and [ Juan Manuel] Marquez fight with Yurikas Gamboa and Mike Farenis as the under card. It’s the first co-promoted event from SMS Promotions and Top Rank.  I didn’t know all these boys I have arguments with are on house arrest, now I’m comfortable letting everybody know where I’m at [Laughs].

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