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A new color photo of George Zimmerman has been released, showing his bruised face after his fatal encounter with Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman’s defense team released the photo today showing the accused killer’s bloody lip, occurring during his altercation with the unarmed teen.

The original image was released months ago, but was not in color, showing clear wounds Zimmerman sustained allegedly at the hands of Martin. “This isn’t a new photo,” Benjamin Crump, lawyer for the Martin family, told TheGrio. “It’s a color version of a photograph we’ve already seen.

“What we’re waiting to see is an X-ray showing that he’s got a broken nose,” Crump explained. “Right now it’s just an allegation.”

On the night of Martin’s death, Zimmerman asserts that he and the teenager got into a fight, where the former neighborhood watch’s head was bashed against the concrete. The question remains whether Zimmerman was at fault for causing the situation, or acting in self-defense. “Like the police said, if George Zimmerman never would have gotten out of his car and pursued Trayvon Martin, there never would have been an interaction between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman,” Crump pointed out. “Trayvon Martin has a right to defend himself.”

Zimmerman’s trial is scheduled for next June. In an attempt to grab more money his legal expenses he’s offered signed “thank you” notes for those who give donations. His lawyer, Mike O’Mara, will also launch another George Zimmerman Defense Fund, of which the public can contribute.

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Photo: AP

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