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Six years after he was diagnosed with HIV, Libardon Rojas Duenas “s-xual rampage” finally came to an end.

Police in Bogota, Colombia arrested Duenas Monday (Dec. 3) on charges that he attacked at least 50 women, and intentionally infected them with the HIV virus.

For whatever reason, Duenas ignored medical advice that he received, and pushed forward with transmitting HIV to his victims. A year after his diagnosis, the 57-year-old r@ped a 16-year-old girl, who later found out that she had the disease.

From there the truck driver crisscrossed the country attacking various women, and eluding police in the process.  While there were some women in which he claims to have engaged in consensual intercourse with, he intentionally put them at risk by not using a condom.

Police apprehended and detained Duenas in the Gorgonzola area of the South American country’s capital city.

Duenas has been charged with both r-pe and “knowingly contaminating another person with HIV.”

If convicted he faces up to 12 years for spreading the virus, while charges for assaulting the women could land him behind bars  for life.

Photo: Bagota Metropolitan Police