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Wiz Khalifa paid a visit to The Breakfast Club and talked about his new album, O.N.I.F.C., which is in stores now, the Taylor Gang, weed and “returning to form.” Also, somehow the conversation turned to pregnant s-x with his  fiancé, Amber Rose.

While many claim his new album is more in line with the mixtape Wiz Khalifa, the Pittsburgh rapper attributed it more experience. “Yeah for sure, cause that’s how they get paid,” said Wiz when asked if his label was asking for another “Black and Yellow.” “And they want that guarantee. The label is like, ‘Boom, we got something to work for sure.’ If it’s not guaranteed, they don’t really want to see it.”

Wiz also spoke on The Weeknd being AWOL from his “Remember You” video. “His album was coming out around the time wheni was shooting my video and they were trying to be really careful with where they put him, and which looks. And they didn’t know when I was dropping my video…if it was going to clash. They run their camp a little bit differently over there. That’s my homie so I respect that. They didn’t want it to clash, they were being real. I would have liked it to work out for that situation. It’s not hard feelings man.”

Then Angela Yee took the convo in a totally different direction, asking Wiz about getting it on with the very pregnant Amber Rose. “I don’t know about the best, but it’s really good,” said Wiz candidly. “It’s awesome. Pregnant women are naturally more sensitive down there when they get pregnant. It’s more going on.”

Umm, this was a bit too awkward for us. Watch the interview, where Wiz also mentions planning to marry Amber first then have the wedding after she gives birth to their son, below.