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No matter what fans may have to say about MTV and their choices in picking rappers for this year’s Hottest MCs In the Game list, it was able to bring Lupe Fiasco back into the limelight in full force.

Fresh off a demolition of instrumentals from his mixtape Enemy of the State: A Love Story, along with recording the track “Solar Midnite” for the box office movie smash Twilight: New Moon, Mr. Fiasco has dug his foot deep into the dirt and has pushed his way back into listeners’ ears.

Be on the lookout for another mixtape, Friend of the People, that should be dropping on Christmas.

Along with the music aspect of his life, Lupe has also been trekking with plans of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro which was sponsored by Hewlett-Packard.  He is even in the process of making a trip to Africa.

During a discussion with Jessie Maguire, the rapper spoke on his recent mixtape and the inspiration behind it.

“I was playing with different joints that sounded cool and Enemy of the State had so many pieces and parts and I felt like I was the enemy of the state of what was going on in Hip Hop.  I always felt like that, like I was always the underdog or the guy that was supposed to bring balance.”

Hip Hop music has come to a stalemate and Lupe feels that it was necessary to enter the ring once again to shake up the foundation, even if it was only but a sample.

“I just felt it needed that raw injection of Lupe Fiasco, over the top, lyrical, what have you and just play it out like that.  It wasn’t even really for the movie.  I didn’t pull it from the movie or anything like that, it was more so making that statement.”

Hear him speak more on his contribution to Twilight and more here: