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While Korean rapper Psy is still trying to make nice with America after his old anti-war lyrics were exposed, Fox News’ Fox & Friends is using the incident to spread propaganda.

The conservative news channel has called on Psy’s story to infer that President Obama is a fan of terrorism. As they see it, the “Gangnam Style” star was still allowed to perform at an annual Christmas party attended by the commander in chief, over the weekend, so they must be in cahoots with one another in some ridiculous plot to spread anti-American rhetoric.

With guest, Debbie Lee, a mother of the first navy seal killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom, as their only reference, the show drove the theory home. “I was disgusted,” Lee said of Psy not being canned from the line-up. “To know that an individual, as you said, who had called for the slow and painful death of  our troops and their families, is in a place of honor and performing for our president is just disgusting to me. How do we allow that to happen?”

According to Lee, who heads the organization, America’s Mighty Warriors, Psy should be placed on a “no fly” or “terrorist watch list,” for his words. “It’s just disgusting to me,” she reiterated.

As pointed out by F&F host, Alisyn Camerota, the song in question was not actually written by Psy, even though he performed the words. Basing her conclusion off his apology, Camerota noted that the husband and father may have changed his position from 10 years ago when he smashed a model American military tank on stage, and eight years ago, when he attended an anti-war protest in Seoul, where he performed “Dear America,” the song that’s been catching so much heat. “It sounds like his position has evolved,” she said.

Lee posted a petition against Psy’s appearance at the event on the White House website, but it was taken down.

The president has not yet addressed the controversy.

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