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Remember when footage of Tyga on a never-aired game show called Bustas was the talk to the ‘Net, last week? Well, as it turns out he was only kidding when he said he grew up wealthy, with a Range Rover.

TMZ put the Young Money star on blast posting the clip of the new dad saying that he actually grew up in a nicer area of Southern California known as the Valley, and not Compton. After sidestepping the short-lived scandal, the site is now reporting that the 23-year-old is telling friends the entire story.

From TMZ:

But Tyga’s telling his friends that was all a lie — when the rapper said he lived in a well-to-do area of the Valley, he was referring to a short period of time in his life, during which he just so happened to tape the game show segment.

T-Raww’s insisting he’s REALLY from Compton and his stint in the Valley was only temporary.

Nevertheless, we’re told Tyga’s unfazed by the clip, insisting he’s come a long way since his goofy game show days … and no embarrassing video is gonna stop him because “he still has plenty of money and will still have huge hits.”

Earlier today, he tweeted a message to TMZ. “@TMZ stop with lies an shii I aint never  spoke to y’all bout nothing. Do yall muthaf-ckas Eat breakfast first?!#HopoffrawwD-ck.”

Just to make sure everybody got his point, T-Raww also posted a photo wearing a Compton shirt on Instagram—so you know its real.


Photo: TMZ