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With Jesus Piece freshly on shelves, The Game let’s the world (at least those with Internet service) feast their ears on the album’s Best Buy bonus track, “Blood of Christ.” The Compton MC is noticeably aggressive here, coming out the gate with a chorus that proclaims “Compton’s my city. That muh’f**ka ain’t never pretty. Gave Pac life, then muh’f**kas done killed Biggie,” over chants that whisper, “It’s still Aftermath.”

From there, Jayceon let’s not-so-sneak disses fly towards Shyne and former G-Unit affiliates, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo. Some comments are too vulgar for us even to report. And to think, 50 thought his comments on “My Life” would go unanswered.

The track closes out with a simple, but chilling comment: “I always wondered why Puff wasn’t in that truck.” That one will surely rattle some cages.

Aftermath beatsmith Dawuan Parker produced the moody track. The Game’s fifth studio album, Jesus Piece, hit shelves today and is available for purchase on iTunes now. And remember, this is just a bonus track homie.

Hear “Blood of Christ” below.

Photo: Interscope