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Just one week ago when Birdman announced Wayne’s upcoming rock album Rebirth was pushed back to be released in February 2010, Santa brings us fans an early Xmas present.

A distributor under has accidentally released the album which is not supposed to be out for another 2 months. Perhaps it was because of the six date changes or the confusing statements of Birdman, many lucky customers who had the album pre-ordered were happy to open their mailbox to a rare actual Lil Wayne album. Many customers, who pre-ordered the album, have commented on the Amazon site whether or not they received the album or not. Amazon has not yet released a statement about the incident but have predicted that 500 copies of the album were delivered.

While some lucky ones received the album today, all the albums that were on their way are being shipped back to Amazon. If you are not one of the few customers who received the premature shipped album, you can enjoy his newest track with Eminem here.